Artistic Programs
Selection Process
Update: Mercury Store is not accepting new applicants for the Spring ‘24 season program in order to clear the backlog of existing candidates. We will resume the application and meeting process in mid-Spring ‘24 for Fall ‘24. Please reach out to Nyeda Stewart, Executive and Programs Assistant, with questions.
Some General Guidelines for Project Submissions 
  • Project Week applicants should have at least two years of post - college directing experience including one full non-virtual production.
  • Applicants with less than the necessary experience are urged to consider our other directing programs, including Directing Technique, and to invite our team to see their work locally. 
  • If you haven't applied for a Mercury Store Project for three seasons, please contact us directly to restart the process rather than simply submitting an application.
 Some Artistic Guidelines for Project Submissions
  • Project residencies support early development of an artistic idea or premise. Projects about to go into production or heavily developed are typically not a match for what we offer. Projects residencies are for the before of a formal rehearsal process.
  • Projects should be primarily focused on drafting in three dimensions. In other words, we support ideas that need to be tested on their feet and in space, not around a table. If a playwright is connected to the project, we encourage the lead artist to target an idea or practice that is tied to the physical life of the piece and not text development.
Applications for the Spring cohort of Directing Technique are open now through January 17th! Classes are open to anyone on a first come, first served basis. Classes are typically $35 for a one session workshop and $60 for a two session workshop.   Upcoming classes are listed on Eventbrite.
Full, part-time, and seasonal staffing opportunities will be posted here, as well as job boards, including Playbill, Artsearch, NYFA, and culturally specific boards.